‘Westworld’ Season 4: How Charlotte Hale’s Flies Work

Flies have been buzzing round in Westworld season 4 because the opening scene of episode 1, and as those that’ve been following together with the present know, they’ve an affinity for crawling into locations airborne bugs ought to by no means, ever enter (Caleb’s ear, the Justice Division man’s eye — these fellas ignore all the plain no-fly zones). 

Flies are an integral a part of Chalores’ scheme to show people into her private puppets. We noticed a bunch of the bugs getting contaminated with black goo in episode 3, and after flies attacked Caleb, Chalores confirmed a parasite had infiltrated him. Behind-the-scenes movies, which have performed this season after episode credit roll, present extra context to how the flies, parasites and sound-producing buildings all relate to one another.

In episode 3, Caleb and Maeve watch drone hosts perform some sort of unusual operation that includes canisters of black liquid, buzzing flies and one thing that appears like magnified parasites to Caleb. In a behind-the-scenes clip, Westworld artwork director Jonathan Carlos stated that the drone hosts on the present are mixing parasites in with the liquid, and the flies are drawn to that horrible concoction.

“It has hormonal attraction,” Carlos stated. “The flies come to eat the parasite to develop into contaminated. After which it is these flies that assault the people that basically transmit the illness.”

In order that leads us to a different query: How does Chalores management individuals as soon as they have been fly-ified? In one other behind-the-scenes video, Westworld co-creator Lisa Pleasure defined that “as soon as the parasite impacts and infects the human mind, it serves to make the human mind vulnerable to those cues and indicators that (Chalores) offers them by way of sound.” 

So there you might have it, people. Assuming I’ve interpreted all of this appropriately, parasite-infected flies cross on the illness to unsuspecting people, who’re then on the mercy of Chalores’ sound-producing machines. In case you wanted one thing else to fill your nightmares tonight, many flies we see on the present are 100% real. Westworld even introduced in fly wranglers

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