Minecraft 1.19 Potions: Full Record and Brewing Information (2022)

With every new replace, the world of Minecraft will get loaded with new options which, whereas being enjoyable, can get overwhelming for gamers to know. We have already got a devoted information to all of the enchantments of Minecraft. Now, to make your life even simpler, we’re right here with the checklist of all of the potions you may brew in Minecraft 1.19. Our information covers every potion’s results, substances, in addition to its brewing course of. With that mentioned, we’ve quite a bit to discover, so try all of the Minecraft 1.19 potions!

Minecraft Potions: A Detailed Information (2022)

Every potion is utilized in completely different eventualities and functions in Minecraft. Primarily based on that, we’ve divided our checklist to make it simpler so that you can discover every potion. That mentioned, let’s dive proper in!

What’s a Potion in Minecraft

Potions are bottled liquids in Minecraft that apply a magic-like impact to the consumer for a restricted time. There are a number of potions within the recreation, every with its personal distinctive results. Some are unfavourable, some are impartial, and most different potions have optimistic results. We are going to go over every time of potion individually later within the information.

Easy methods to Brew A Potion in Minecraft

In Minecraft, all of the potions are made by including completely different objects to a water bottle utilizing a brewing stand. It’s a utility block that makes use of blaze powder as gas and might create as much as three potion bottles directly utilizing a single ingredient.

brewing stand in minecraft

Alternatively, you may also get potions by bartering with piglins within the Nether or by fishing within the overworld. Additionally, killing witches and wandering merchants is one other solution to acquire potions, however you must kill them whereas they’re consuming the potion for them to drop it.

If nothing else proves to be fruitful, you may nonetheless get some potions in a chest loot of Historic cities, finish cities, igloo basements, and buried treasure.

Minecraft 1.19 Potion Chart with Results

Earlier than we dive deeper into particular person potions, right here’s an entire checklist of potions that Minecraft .1.19 or later has to supply. Test it out:

Potion Title Impact Recipe
Awkward Potion No impact Nether Warts + Water Bottle
Mundane Potion No impact Frequent Potion Ingredient + Water Bottle
Thick Potion No impact Glowstone Mud + Water Bottle
Potion of Therapeutic Immediately heals the consumer Glistering Melon Slice + Awkward Potion
Potion of Regeneration Regenerates well being of the consumer over time Ghast Tear + Awkward Potion
Potion of Gradual Falling Decreases the pace by which the mob is falling Phantom Membrane + Awkward Potion
Potion of Hearth Resistance Cancels out all harm from hearth and lava Magma Cream + Awkward Potion
Potion of Swiftness Will increase motion pace Sugar + Awkward Potion
Potion of Energy Makes the harm dealt by direct fight increased Blaze Poweder + Awkward Potion
Potion of Leaping Raises the soar top and reduces the autumn harm Rabbit’s Foot + Awkward Potion
Potion of Luck Improves high quality and probabilities of getting uncommon loot NA
Potion of Water Respiration Means that you can breathe underwater Pufferfish + Awkward Potion
Potion of Night time Imaginative and prescient Permits gamers to see clearly in darkish areas Golden Carrot + Awkward Potion
Potion of Invisibility Turns the consumer invisible Fermented Spider Eye + Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Weak point Decreases the harm dealt by direct fight Fermented Spider Eye + Water Bottle
Potion of Poison Reduces well being to upto 1 coronary heart however does not kill Fermented Spider Eye + Awkward Potion
Potion of Slowness Decreases motion pace Fermented Spider Eye + Potion of Swiftness
Potion of Harming Causes prompt harm and might even kill the goal Fermented Spider Eye + Potion of Poison
Potion of Decay Imposes Wither impact on the goal NA
Splash Potions* Throwable potions that leaves prompt affect Gunpowder + Common Potion
Lingering Potions* Throwable potions that types a cloud whose particles can activate potion results Dragon’s Breath + Common Potion
Prolonged Potions* Common potions whose results lasts for an extended time Redstone Mud + Common Potion
Levelled-up Potions* Potions whose results are extra highly effective than common Glowstone Mud + Common Potion
Uncraftable Potion No impact NA
Customized Potion (s)* Can have any in-game impact NA

*variants of Potions

Base Potions

All the bottom potions in Minecraft don’t have any energy of their very own. If used, they don’t have any impact on the goal. The only goal of the bottom potions is to function an ingredient for creating superior potions.

Awkward Potion

Brewing Awkward Potion in Minecraft

The awkward potion in Minecraft is the most typical base potion, which is utilized in most potion recipes. It doesn’t have any results of its personal. To make a clumsy potion, you want to use Nether warts as the principle ingredient with water bottles.

  • Gadgets Required– Nether warts, water bottles, and blaze powder
  • Results– No results
  • Objective– To make different potions

Mundane Potion

Mundane Potion

Similar to different base potions, the mundane potion doesn’t have any results both. Its sole goal is to function the primary ingredient to brew the Potion of Weak point. If you wish to craft it, you are able to do so by brewing water bottles with magma cream, rabbit’s foot, sugar, glistering melon, spider eye, or ghast tear. Regardless of the principle ingredient, all mundane potions are ineffective.

  • Gadgets Required– Magma cream/rabbit’s foot/sugar/glistering melon/spider eye/ghast tear, water bottles, and blaze powder
  • Results– No results
  • Objective– To make a Potion of Weak point

Thick Potion

Thick Potion

As you would possibly anticipate, even the thick potion has no results. However to make issues worse, it can’t even be used to make superior potions in Minecraft 1.19. This potion doesn’t serve any goal apart from for possible ornament. You can also make it by brewing water bottles with glowstone mud.

  • Gadgets Required– Glowstone mud, water bottles, and blaze powder
  • Results– No results

Optimistic Potions

Because the identify reveals, optimistic potions are those which have a optimistic affect on its consumer. They’re normally consumed immediately by the participant. Virtually all optimistic potions in Minecraft use awkward potions as their base as an alternative of water bottles.

Potion of Therapeutic

Potion of Healing

The Potion of Therapeutic immediately heals its consumer and might add as much as 4 hearts to your well being bar. You can also make it by brewing a glistering melon slice with a clumsy potion. You may as well acquire this potion by killing a witch whereas it’s consuming this potion.

  • Gadgets Required– Glistering melon slice, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Immediate well being
  • Length– Immediate

Potion of Regeneration

Brewing Potion of Regeneration in Minecraft

As a substitute of prompt therapeutic, the Potion of Regeneration restores the participant’s well being over a time frame. It’s quicker than the common regeneration and isn’t affected by the starvation bar of the participant. You’ll be able to brew it by combining a clumsy potion with a ghast tear.

  • Gadgets Required– A ghast tear, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Well being regeneration
  • Length 45 seconds

Potion of Gradual Falling

Potion of Slow Falling in Minecraft

Among the finest methods to keep away from fall harm in Minecraft is through the use of a Potion of Gradual Falling. It reduces the pace by which you fall from any in-game top, thus, eliminating the harm that comes with it. To brew this potion, you want to mix a phantom membrane with a bottle of awkward potion. You may get the membrane by killing phantoms that spawn should you don’t sleep for a number of days within the recreation.

  • Gadgets Required– Phantom membrane, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Diminished pace of falling
  • Length 1 minute 30 seconds

Potion of Hearth Resistance

Brewing Potion of Fire Resistance

In case you plan to make a Nether portal to discover the Nether dimension, it’s nearly a necessity to brew a Potion of Hearth Resistance. It makes you immune from hearth and lava-based harm. You’ll be able to brew magma cream with bottles of awkward potion to make this potion in Minecraft. Alternatively, you may also barter with piglins to acquire the Potion of Hearth Resistance in Minecraft.

  • Gadgets Required– Magma cream, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Immunity from lava and fire-based harm
  • Length 3 minutes

Potion of Swiftness

Brewing Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft

Working like a lift, the Potion of Swiftness lets you soar increased and transfer at a a lot quicker tempo than common. And because you solely want so as to add sugar to awkward potions to make it, you may gather a number of copies of it simply.

  • Gadgets Required– Sugar, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Elevated motion pace and soar top
  • Length 3 minutes

Potion of Energy

Potion of Strength in Minecraft

Minecraft, more often than not, is a recreation primarily based on shut fight. Due to that, the Potion of Energy can simply topple fights towards one aspect. It will increase the harm dealt with every hit of the participant. And in contrast to some other potion, it makes use of the gas of brewing, blaze powder, as its primary ingredient.

  • Gadgets Required– Awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Elevated assault harm
  • Length 3 minutes

Potion of Leaping

Potion of Leaping

This potion lets you soar increased than common, similar to a rabbit within the recreation. However you continue to can’t soar as excessive because the Minecraft 1.19 frogs. In case you are effective with the compromise, brew a rabbit’s foot with a clumsy potion to acquire a Potion of Leaping.

  • Gadgets Required– Rabbit’s foot, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Elevated soar top
  • Length 3 minutes

Potion of Water Respiration

Potion of Water Breathing in Minecraft

The oceans of Minecraft are brutal. It’s important to battle to breathe, battle hostile mobs and maintain swimming. Fortuitously, the Potion of Water Respiration could make your life simpler by permitting you to breathe underwater. You’ll be able to create it by brewing a pufferfish with a clumsy potion in Minecraft 1.19.

  • Gadgets Required– Pufferfish, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Underwater respiration
  • Length 3 minutes

Potion of Night time Imaginative and prescient

Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft

For the reason that arrival of Warden in Minecraft 1.19, the sport has gotten a bit darker – each actually and figuratively. Fortuitously, to counter that, all you want is the Potion of Night time Imaginative and prescient. It lets you see clearly in darkish areas and even considerably counter the Warden’s darkness impact. You merely want so as to add a golden carrot to a clumsy potion to acquire this potion.

  • Gadgets Required– Golden carrot, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– See at nighttime
  • Length 3 minutes

Potion of Invisibility

Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft

Because the identify reveals, the Potion of Invisibility lets you flip invisible. Doing so will make nearly all of the mobs within the recreation ignore you. However this doesn’t work with the Warden, which is a blind mob that depends upon vibrations.

To make this potion, you want to corrupt a Potion of Night time Imaginative and prescient by brewing a fermented spider eye in it. Alternatively, you may also kill a wandering dealer whereas it’s consuming the Potion of Invisibility to acquire it.

  • Gadgets Required– Fermented spider eye, Potion of Night time Imaginative and prescient, and blaze powder
  • Results– Invisibility
  • Length 3 minutes

Potion of Luck 

Potion of Luck

The Potion of Luck is a Minecraft Java-exclusive potion that is not obtainable within the survival mode with out instructions. It will increase the amount of normal loot in addition to the probabilities for the gamers to acquire rarer loot. However till the potion formally will get a brewing recipe within the recreation (most likely with Minecraft 1.20), you need to use the next command to acquire it:

/give @p potion{Potion:"minecraft:luck"}

Adverse Potions

All unfavourable potions in Minecraft 1.19 apply unfavourable results to the goal. Gamers normally use them as throwable splash potions, which we’ll cowl in one other part.

Potion of Weak point

Making Potion of Weakness in minecraft

A Potion of Weak point reduces the assault harm of the consumer who consumes it, making their every assault weaker than common. It’s a nice potion to counter highly effective enemies and well-geared gamers. To brew this, you solely want so as to add a fermented spider eye to a water bottle.

  • Gadgets Required– Fermented spider eye, water bottle, and blaze powder
  • Results– Diminished assault harm
  • Length 1 minute 30 seconds

Potion of Poison

Brewing Potion of Poison in Minecraft

You should utilize the Potion of Poison to provide a poison impact to your goal. It causes the patron’s well being to slowly degrade till it reaches one coronary heart. However take into account that this potion can’t kill one other participant or mob. You’ll be able to create it by brewing a fermented spider eye with the awkward potion in Minecraft 1.19.

  • Gadgets Required– Fermented spider eye, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Diminished assault harm
  • Length 45 seconds

Potion of Slowness

Potion of Slowness

Many Minecraft fights – in PvP or in opposition to mobs – are primarily based on the opponent’s pace. To counter that, the Potion of Slowness reduces the motion pace of its goal by 15%. It slows down their assaults in addition to normal motion. To create it, you want to corrupt a Potion of Swiftness by including a fermented spider eye within the brewing station.

  • Gadgets Required– Fermented spider eye, Potion of Swiftness, and blaze powder
  • Results– Diminished motion pace
  • Length 1 minute 30 seconds

Potion of Harming

Potion of Harming in Minecraft

As a substitute of gradual decay just like the poison impact, the Potion of Harming immediately decreases 6 well being factors on affect. You’ll be able to acquire it by corrupting the Potion of Poison with a fermented spider eye. To not neglect, Potion of Harming is the one potion that may kill its goal, thus, making it the most harmful potion in Minecraft 1.19.

  • Gadgets Required– Fermented spider eye, Potion of Poison, and blaze powder
  • Results– Diminished motion pace
  • Length Immediate

Potion of Decay

Potion of Decay

The Potion of Decay is a Bedrock unique potion that applies the Wither impact on its goal. When it’s energetic, the goal will repeatedly take harm till the impact ends. However, similar to the Minecraft Java’s Potion of Luck, you may’t brew this in survival mode. As a substitute, you must use the next command to acquire it:

/give @p potion 1 36

Potion of Turtle Grasp

In contrast to some other potion, the Potion of the Turtle Grasp has each unfavourable and optimistic results. It makes you immune from all forms of harm within the recreation, however whereas doing so it additionally closely reduces your motion pace. Relying upon the state of affairs, it may be a lifesaver in addition to a dependable weapon. You’ll be able to craft it by brewing a turtle shell with a clumsy potion.

  • Gadgets Required–Turtle shell, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Results– Invulnerability and lowered motion pace
  • Length 20 seconds

Varieties of Potions in Minecraft 1.19

Potions are a strong useful resource even of their primary type. However by brewing them with the proper ingredient, you may push them a step additional. Listed here are all of the methods you may modify your potions in Minecraft 1.19:

  • Gunpowder: Flip a potion right into a splash potion
  • Dragon’s Breath: Flip a splash potion right into a lingering potion
  • Redstone mud: Enhance the length of time-bound potions
  • Glowstone mud: Enhance the energy of a potion whereas reducing its length

Splash Potions

By default, the one approach to make use of a potion in Minecraft is by consuming it. However that turns into a deadly movement when unfavourable potions come into the image. You first must convert them into throwable splash potions. To take action, add gunpowder to an everyday potion utilizing a brewing stand. When the brewing finishes, your potion bottle can have its head bent, providing you with a visible indicator of its throwable nature.

Making Splash Potion in Minecraft

If thrown on the proper time and angle, a splash potion can have an effect on all entities with a most vary of 8 blocks. Although, the impact of the potion weakens with the rise within the mob’s distance from the middle of affect.

Lingering Potions

The splash potions are an excellent weapon, however solely if in case you have good purpose or in case your goal isn’t transferring round an excessive amount of. Fortuitously, should you add dragon’s breath to the splash potion, it would turn into a lingering potion. It is usually a throwable potion however as an alternative of getting a direct affect, it leaves a smoke cloud on the space of affect.

Lingering Potion

Then at any time when an entity is available in contact with the cloud, it will get affected by the potion’s impact. This cloud begins with a radius of three blocks however slowly turns into smaller and vanishes after 30 seconds. Although, the scale of the cloud doesn’t have an effect on the energy of the potion impact. In case you use prompt lingering potions, you may simply hurt or heal the goal extra successfully than direct consumption.

Prolonged Potions

Redstone Dust in Brewing Stand in Minecraft

Greater than half of the Minecraft 1.19 potions listed above are time-bound. Their results put on off after just a few seconds or minutes. However should you add Redstone mud to your potion, you can also make the potion final for an extended length. Although, it doesn’t have an effect on the potions which have prompt results just like the potion of therapeutic.

Easy methods to Degree Up Potions

How to level up potion in Minecraft 1.19

Among the finest methods to enhance your potions is by leveling them up. You are able to do so by including glowstone mud to the potion. This can trigger the potion’s energy to extend making its results extra highly effective. However to keep away from making them overpowered, the sport additionally reduces the length of the time-bound potions. To not neglect, glowstone mud doesn’t affect base potions and the potion of invisibility.

Regularly Requested Questions

What are the three forms of potions in Minecraft 1.19?

Minecraft has three forms of potions – common potions that the gamers can devour, splash potions which can be throwable, and lingering potions that depart a cloud of results when thrown.

Which is probably the most highly effective potion?

A splash Potion of Harming is probably the most highly effective potion in Minecraft. It prompt depletes the well being of the goal, and it’s the solely potion that may kill one other mob.

Easy methods to take away the results of a potion in Minecraft 1.19?

To take away the results of any potion, you simply must drink a bucket of milk in Minecraft. You may get it through the use of an empty bucket on a cow or a goat in Minecraft.

Can Wither or Ender dragon see you with invisibility?

The invisibility potion doesn’t have an effect on the Wither. It will probably nonetheless simply detect you. Nevertheless, the Ender dragon gained’t be capable of detect you in case you are invisible till you are taking any aggressive steps.

What’s the Uncraftable Potion?

Unique to the Java version, the Uncraftable Potion is a base potion that causes no results on its client. You’ll be able to’t acquire it within the survival recreation mode with none cheats.

What’s a customized potion?

Minecraft has extra in-game results than the precise variety of potions. Due to that, the sport lets you create customized potions for all of the in-game results utilizing Minecraft instructions. You will discover knowledge values to acquire your individual customized potions from Minecraft Wiki.

Be taught to Brew All Varieties of Minecraft 1.19 Potions

With that, every part about all of the Potions in Minecraft 1.19. Whether or not you need to make your adventures safer or your weapons extra various, these potions are good for you. However there is no such thing as a must cease right here. You may as well use the very best Minecraft instructions to make your self even stronger than Minecraft’s bosses. Nevertheless, should you’re overwhelmed by the massive number of potions, it is best to discuss with our checklist of the very best Minecraft potions to brew and use an important ones. With that mentioned, which is your favourite Minecraft potion? Inform us within the feedback beneath!

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