Information – 64MB V-Cache on 5XXX Zen3 Common +15% in Video games

I agree.

They demoed with Zen 3, and Zen 3 already has infrastructure in place to have stacked SRAM. It is coming with Zen 3.

The per clock acquire is about 5%, which isn’t too shabby, however it may be in all places. There are some purposes the place the big cache will beat all the pieces.

Bear in mind although, Broadwell’s eDRAM is extra like L4. That means it has to undergo all phases, plus it was off bundle so the bandwidth was a lot decrease and latency is larger.

AMD’s method is actually L3 that is 3x as massive. The advantages ought to be bigger and extra broad. Nonetheless will not be big however 5-10% common will likely be nice!

One other related comparability is the Pentium 4 3.2EE. Examine that to the common Pentium 4 3.2(not Prescott) and see the way it compares.

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