Whites in Texas at the moment are a minority (43%). Are blacks and Hispanics voting in opposition to their greatest curiosity?


Republicans merely make use of Voter Suppression techniques, refusing to incorporate vote tallies from districts Republicans deem criminally-minded or untrustworthy. Or paper and provisional ballots are banned and by no means counted.

Transfer polling locations far exterior cities or districts the place Dem voters are recognized to not personal automobiles in nice numbers.

Restrict the hours that state or regional workplaces that provide photograph I.D.’s are open.

Trace that ICE or another sort of federal brokers might be checking identifications at voting websites. Have your Republican civilian supporters present up and chant loudly and menacingly to intimidate those that need to vote.

It has been achieved earlier than. And it will likely be achieved once more. It is a tried and true tactic, particularly when you’ve cops with shiny badges, crisp uniforms and visual firearms backing your play.

That is what I added in an edit:

Or Republicans can merely lop off a whole bunch of hundreds of voters, supporters of the Dem Celebration, after all, by falsely claiming they moved, died or by no means voted.

That is how Georgia Governor Brian Kemp defeated Stacey Abrams in 2018.

The 2 will face off once more this November.



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